#CCK11 educational outputs in the connecvitist view

Actually I am involved in the project of a Connectivist Instructional Design Model and the associated Intelligent e-Learning Environment.

I’d like to share a precious reply of Stephen to some my request.

“ […] With respect to the proposed ID model – my own approach has been based on the following considerations:

– each person has their own learning approach, style, context, etc

– moreover, there’s no good a priori way to know which of those impact educational outputs

– this is especially the case given that each person defines their own educational outputs differently

– therefore, it is not reasonable to design for these variables

As a result, I postulate that each person’s learning environment will be unique – hence, the ‘personal learning environment’ – and will be adaptive. ie., both customized (designed by/for the individual) and personalized (adapted/modified, changed to accommodate the individual).

With respect to learning resources themselves, my recommendation is to design many simple resources, each designed for different sets of learners, rather than single learning resources designed for all users. This entails that personal learning environments have a mechanism for recommending and/or selecting from a wide pool of learning resources.

— Stephen”


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